Dark Persuasions is open to submissions!

What are we looking for: Dark Persuasions is seeking works of dark fiction with a little spice. To be clear, we do not want hard core smut, but we want intelligent plots, skin crawling horror, and a little heat to make it all come together.

We are most interested: Well-manicured manuscripts from new and experienced authors looking for something different in a publisher. We are innovative and unique, we offer mentorships, and most importantly we offer a “home” to authors who are looking to settle down and dedicate time to their craft of writing.

Submissions: Submissions should include a formal query letter, a short summary of your work, word count and your contact information (name, phone number, address, email). Your manuscript should be the cleanest, best copy of your work possible. You can email your work to submissions@stitchedsmilepublications.com and *must* contain “Dark Persuasions” in the subject title.

Guidelines: Novellas 20k-39,000k words, Novels 30k+ words. Poetry can be any word count if included in a collection (your own or with others of SSP/Dark Persuasions).

Please Note! All accepted submissions will be slotted for release in 2018.

Who we are: Dark Persuasions is a branch of Stitched Smile Publications, LLC., and specializes in dark fiction. Stitched Smile Publications has been in business since January of 2016 and have since published over 15 works of fiction by various authors. Some of our authors have been featured on Dread Central Magazine, several podcasts, and have numerous interviews with top bloggers in the industry.