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The Unfleshed by Lisa Vasquez

The Unfleshed

by Lisa Vasquez

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Monsters, creatures, and demons once plagued the world. Some still do. Many stories of their origin have been lost. Until now when the most decadent minds discovered new origins to creatures that have haunted us through the ages. Their words face off with horror itself ...

Gather around as Ramsey Campbell, Gary McMahon, Josh Malerman, and Brian Hodge, along with 15 more of some of horrors best authors present their takes on the anatomy of monsters.

Artwork and Cover by Greg Chapman

You can’t deny that the situation that brought you here wasn’t bizarre. You were so far off the grid, so far from others, you should have died.”

A small smile crossed her lips.

“But you didn’t. Fate, a higher power, the universe—whatever you want to call it—saved you. Gave you a second chance. That has to mean something.” She cocked her head to the side as if her last statement was a question he was supposed to answer.

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