Deanna L. Cooley

    The "L" is important. If you google "Deanna Cooley" that's a state senator in Ohio. "Deanna L. Cooley" is me. Also I have a cousin named Danna and it's easier for my grandma to find me with the L.

    Deanna L. Cooley is the Young Adult Fiction Editor for Stitched Smile Publications. She received her Bachelors' in Communications from Thomas College in Waterville Maine in 2009 and her Masters' in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University in 2016. She currently lives in New Hampshire with her cats, Elliot and Hamilton, where she's working on her first novel length work. 

    Aside from working in horror, Deanna also works in social justice as a volunteer for the Harry Potter Alliance. 

    She can be found on the internet at

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