Unlike many anthologies you’ll read, this one has no theme. It was made for the pure purpose to highlight these five authors and their style of writing. They were told they could write of anything, so long as it was horror, and these stories are what they dreamt up. With each tale a novella, they were given a means to stretch their literary legs and try to create entertaining stories, as well as stories that bring to life the imagination of the reader.

If you decide to read beyond this point, know that the subjects are not necessarily taboo, but this is hardly a volume for children. If you are sturdy of spirit, you can enjoy these tales to the fullest, and appreciate the work that went into each one. Keep in mind that each story is unique and was handcrafted for this anthology, so do take the time to savor the stories. I can say with confidence that you’ll enjoy the stories for what they’re worth.

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