Nick Paschall enjoys writing about the stranger aspects of reality, focusing on monstrous beings and eldritch powers over serial killers. While mankind can create some of the greatest evils, Nick can imagine far more sinister things lurking in the shadows waiting for humanity to explore. Nick's horror focuses on character development and unique storytelling to capture the reader's imagination.

Nicholas Paschall gained his Glasgow Grin in 2016 when he signed on for the Unleashed: Monsters vs. Zombies anthology. In 2017 his smile was split wider as he signed on for a trilogy with his dark fantasy trilogy "Hunters of the Dead". His presence has been in noted in other anthologies across the void, from his stories in the Demonic Visions series to his tales Dark Moon Digest, to name a few. He is a recurring columnist at the London Horror Society and spends his days tinkering on his website, the Nickronomicon, where he posts horror stories four times a week for free.

Nick Paschall lives in San Antonio, Texas deep within a forgotten graveyard where he can escape the sweltering heat of the desert clime. He lives with his wife and pets, who he spends his time with watching horror movies with. He spends his hours writing, editing, and reading.

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