These are the current open calls for Stitched Smile Publications. For regular submissions, please visit the submissions page in the drop down menu under "Contact"



Do you love to cook, or bake? Do you love to make homemade lotions, oils or goodies?  Do you have a little dark side to you and want to fit in with others just like you? Then submit to the Gothic Betty Crocker Cookbook! 

This will hopefully turn into an annual event. At this time, payment for submissions will be a divided portion of royalties depending on how many are accepted + one contributor copy of the printed book.

We are collecting the recipes year round. If you submit pictures, they must be your own property! 

We hope to see this grow and are excited to see what our SSP Family comes up with. 


Drive-in of the Damned: Black and White

We are looking for 13 original stories (reprints will be considered on a case by case scenario)
Word Count: 7500 word max
Anticipated Release: Summer of 2018 (Drive-in Season!)

Compensation: 10 USD per story, multiple submissions allowed (one at a time), but only one story will be chosen per author. 

Submissions: We accept word documents only. Once you have submitted, please be patient. Acceptance letters will be sent within 90 days *after* the deadline. Send all submissions via form at (click “submissions) and be *sure* to include DRIVE-IN OF THE DAMNED for clarification! 

Email directly to:

The sky was dark driving up the road to the drive-in. Headlights from other cars cut across your vision as you pull up to the ticket booth. With the window down, the warmth of the air was reprieved by the passing of a single breeze. The operator was nothing more than a silhouette in front of the flickering bulb behind him. He reaches out a thin, bony hand with his palm up and you place your money in the center of it. When he curls his fingers inward, you notice that they are unnaturally cold in comparison to the temperature.

Leaning forward, he gives you a wide grin and you can see the highways of deep lines through his wrinkled skin.
“Right this way,” he says, swinging his arm out. 

He directs you to the one of the many paths that leads down into the quarry where countless screens form a circle at the bottom of the quarry. You pass the big sign with giant letters that announce your arrival to … “The Drive-in of the Damned”.
(Each story centers around a person, or persons present in the vehicle. The quarry is at the entrance of another dimension; a place of limbo between heaven and hell. Those that arrive are unaware of this, though, but will soon realize it when the story played on their screen reveals the events leading up to their death.)

• do tell a well thought out story centered around the theme and time-period which is any time prior to 1970.
• do be conscious of vernacular used in the year/time you are writing in. 
• do send in a well-edited draft and include on the title page, author name, address, phone number, email and TITLE of the story. If you use a pen name, please make that clear as well.
• do have fun! Stories can include monsters, aliens, demons, supernatural, etc.

• Nothing modern will be accepted: no modern technology, terms, clothing, etc.



There are seven deadly sins: pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.

Take us to the darkest places of these sins and earn your slot in Stitched Smile Publications new anthology. Only the best will be accepted. 

Submission Guidelines: because we're choosing only the best please ensure your submissions are well manicured.

Word Count: 5k-15k 
Pay: 10USD and ebook contributor copy. If enough sales warrant print version, each author will receive one contributor paperback copy.

Expectations: By submitting you agree to join small Facebook group to be notified of all updates regarding this project. You also agree to participate in promotional blog tours and prearranged interviews. Finally, by submitting you agree to work in a timely fashion with your assigned editor.

Publication Date to be Announced (We want it clean, and polished. We will work on it as long as possible until it gets there. Expectation is by the end of the year.)

Send submissions to:


Payment: $0.002 per word (10k word max) + ebook contributor copy 

Min words: 6k

Title: The Night Without Stars
Expected Release Date: January 6th 2019
Deadline: June 1, 2018

We are looking for stories with a dark gloomy feeling. Think: sitting in a dark room as a child, going into a dark basement alone, walking in a dark alley at night.

Reprints in case by case basis but original preferred. Be sure author bio and contact (email you check often would be great!) information is included or we will have to decline.

Decisions and acceptance letters will go out NO EARLIER than July 1, 2018-please do not inquire before then.

Send submissions to submissions - Subject MUST include “The Night Without Stars”

Please send your submissions in .doc or .rtf format and use Times New Roman 10pt black font. Do not double space.

POETRY SUBMISSIONS for this collection will be accepted: 300 word min, 1500 max.


Scheduled Release Date: November 2018

Word Count: 2500-6000k max
Theme-futuristic undead

The year is 2025. The planet has been riddled with radiation and in an effort to sustain life the world's leading scientists have come up with a new procedure to keep humans and animals alive. The success rate was high ... until the new creatures began to show signs of rot. Genetically and physically enhanced, these monsters begin to turn on each other and their makers.

Genre: horror, science fiction

Submissions of high quality should be original, unpublished works.

Submission guidelines can be found here:…/what-are-the-guidelines-for-…


Deadline: midnight (cst) April15, 2018

Pay: .006 per word

Acceptance letters will be sent by May 15, 2018 please do not inquire prior to that date regarding submission status.

Poetry may be submitted 200-1000 word max.